CU Community Voice Chat Launches

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Use this DIRECT LINK to launch the CU Community Voice Chat:


Download RaidCall » HERE « (Windows)
(Mac users, please follow the instructions HERE )
Create an Account (it’s FREE!)

STEP 1: In the search box (Top Left) type CAMELOT UNCHAINED or Enter the group ID# 6217725
STEP 2: Click the CAMELOT UNCHAINED group. Visual aide
STEP 3: To become a member of the CU group, click the icon of a Person w/ a Wrench in the top right to apply. An Admin or Mod will approve you shortly. Visual aide
STEP 4: Click the star icon to add the CU group to your favorites (this makes it easy to find later)
STEP 5: Click the Bottom Right corner drop-down menu to set your Push-to-Talk key


- Hold up to 10,000 users at a time in a single RaidCall group
- Hi-Fi quality voice chat from anywhere in the world
- Flexible group management system
- Additional features like voice recorder, poll, announcements, activity log, and more
- Instant Messaging
- File transferring and screenshot sharing
- Chat records
- Personalized themes and Emoticons
- Share YouTube videos within RaidCall group
- Chat within group while watching embedded Twitch and own3D streams
- Synchronize your RaidCall account with your Facebook and invite your friends to join your group
- Special speaking modes fit for every occasion
- Optional reverbs for music effects
- Moderator system
- Process your voice with soundcard or software media players

Q: Why not just use Ventrilo, Teamspeak, or Mumble?
A: Much larger capacity of users for Raidcall & it’s FREE. (renting a large-capacity server for TS, Vent, or Mumble would be very expensive)

Raidcall Voice Chat

First CU Fan Meet Up in Arizona

Dang it. I got sauerkraut in my lederhosen again! I guess that’s what I get for trying to cook like a Canadian.

This week, several Camelot Unchained fans decided to meet up in Phoenix, Arizona at the appropriately named “Duck & Decanter” tavern. Here is what SmudgePudge posted on the CU Reddit:

“Camelot Unchained had it’s (I’m assuming) first official IRL Meetup in Phoenix, AZ. Luckily there was a female in attendance so photographic evidence exists of this event. We met at the a Lore appropriate bar called the Duck & Decanter and had a couple of beers and really nerded out.

Not so surprisingly we were all previous Dark Age of Camelot players so much of the time was spent spinning old war stories and tales of valor. I’m sure at least a few of them were actually even true! We all talked about the crazy ending of the Kickstarter and how much fun this AWESOME community has already become.

We actually talked about some non-gaming topics too but that stuff was boring as hell :) One totally awesome turn of events was as we were all getting ready to leave a guy who had to be in his mid 20s came up to us and politely asked if he could ask what game we had been talking about. When we told him Dark Age of Camelot he got a huge smile on his face and said “I knew it!”. We were all shocked that he was old enough to remember let alone play DAoC and as good little disciples of Mark Jacobs promptly started to promote CU lol. He had actually already heard about it and was interested. I told him to check out this subreddit so hopefully he will get a chance to read this. Robert – give us a shout out if you do read this and we’ll definitely let you know when the next meetup is scheduled for.

All in all it was totally not as awkward as I’m sure we all were nervous it could have been lol. We found out that Amber talks just as much irl as she does in chat, Brandyn actually does resemble Tiger Woods a little bit, Jim and SmudgePudge have extremely found memories of Mob Trains in EQ, and all of the guys have actually served in the military. Pretty awesome! Can’t wait for the next one so we can all meet Thomas!

If you live in the Phoenix area and are brave enough to meet up with us shoot me an email at – jscott at olio com.
Also – I setup the website that I linked to specifically for CU photos, comments, and tweets. Please feel free to use it. The site will pick up any tweets that include the hashtag #fansofcu. You can upload photos from your computer or tweet them in. Would love to see and hear from the rest of the community.


EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention that I think is awesome. What made Robert think we might have been talking about DAoC was because we kept saying one thing over and over again… RvR!! How awesome is that? DAoC synonymous with RvR even to a younger generation!”

LINK FIXED: Camelot Unchained Steam Group

I got all set up and comfy at my computer desk.

got my Cheetos? Check.
…got my Mountain Dew? Check.

And there it is. Alllllll the way over there, at the furthest point across the room it could possibly be. I wish for once that I could be Luke Skywalker when he was trapped in the Hoth cave. I would calmly close my eyes and find my center (not THAT center!). I’m surprisingly at peace (*queue slow Star Wars Force music*). Slowly, I reach out my hand and envision my highly-trained mind powers summoning the remote control lightsaber across the room and into my hand…

…next thing I know, Mom bursts in yelling at me about the commotion I’m making! I must have “lost time” again, because my well-fed self is spinning around the room wielding my remote control like a gracefully swirling Jedi ballerina warrior!

Excuse ME for having a vivid imagination. SHEESH!

I was in the zone too. :(

…now where was I? Oh yes! Naturally, this has everything to do with Mkilbride’s creation, the Camelot Unchained Steam Group! Currently, as of this message, there are 895 members who have joined to connect and play a variety of games with each other. Don’t have a Steam account yet? Getting a Steam account is easy, and best of all, like my unpaid staff, they are FREE!

Click the image below to visit Mkilbride’s Camelot Unchained Group:


The Final Countdown

Sophie Breca epitomizes what many of us felt as we watched the emotionally charged Camelot Unchained Kickstarter final countdown. For the development team and devoted fans, this was a very special event trying to help push the fundraiser over the finish line. CU fans stayed up all night logged into City State Entertainment’s Twitch livestream and partied with the CSE team in our own computer chairs at home. Fans and devs lit up chat for hours watching office antics and listening to music. It was an immensely fun evening for all. Congratulations to EVERYONE for doing their part and making this dream come true!


The Camelot Unchained Kickstarter hit its $2 million goal today with 19 hours to spare!

REJOICE! Before long, we will all be kicking, stabbing, and kung fu kidney-punching each other in gleeful gaming ecstasy.

Love truly does conquer all. *SNIFF*

GUILDCENTER’s 1 Hour w/ Mark Jacobs

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(Note to self: Do not wear a thong when sick with the stomach flu)

Hello there!

PRX’s own Draegan & Clementine spend an hour with Mark Jacobs on Guildcenter. Lots of questions, lots of answers. Mark was tired, but he was a real trooper and gave up some interesting industry & design perspective.

PS: Clem is so camera shy. Must be the rollers & mud mask. ;D

Click the image below to watch the video:

Weekend Event: Q & A ‘Mark-a-Thong’

Yes, yes, I KNOW. I have been missing in action.

Due to unforseen RL events, I have been unable to post any updates. The Cheetos dust under my computer desk ignited from a static shock, setting my computer desk aflame. In an attempt to douse the inferno, I reached for several of the two liter bottles of Mountain Dew surrounding my workstation, but alas, they were all empty. My tears finally put the fire out, but it was too late.

I am elated to report that I am once again back in the saddle, and just in the nick of time too, because we have a Kickstarter to push up the hill! Mark Jacobs has begun his question and answer »»» “SkidMark-a-Thong” event «««, and quite frankly, I am more than a little grossed out.

Stretch Goal RvR Dungeon REVEALED

Today’s 2-part video update reveals the first two of Mark’s Stretch Goals (or as I like to call them, “Stretch Marks”).

To briefly summarize, the first video shows some duck-themed bribes gifts sent to the City State Entertainment office and discusses the first Kickstarter Stretch Mark: a bonus race and class for each realm. The second Stretch Mark video should have you drooling more heavily (Careful! ‘WET FLOOR’ sign!), as it goes into detail about the new horror-themed RvR Dungeon, “The Depths.” The dungeon will house some of the most coveted mining, resources, and scavengeable items. It will also allow for crafters to leave traps for enemies, and for their team mates to defend resources tower defense-style. Players will be able to take over NPC bodies and even bosses to fight against enemy players, but before I reveal too much, maybe you should just watch the videos for yourselves:

Video #1
Video #2

…or Click both of the images below to watch their respective videos:

“F2P Will Go *POOF*,” says MJ

I’ve been trying to come up with a fancy media moniker for Mark Jacobs…”EmJay?” (too ‘Spider-Manny’), “Marky Mark and the City State Bunch?” Nah. “Mickey JayJay?” Getting closer.

VG24/7 posted an interesting article in which “Mickey JayJay” (it still needs something) gives his perspective on where the hot, steamy pile of Free-to-Play business models are headed, and what he is betting that developers will need to do to thrive in the industry: Read more

48 Minute MJ Interview @ JeuxOnline

CLICK the image for’s MJ Interview: